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Lisa Aybike Kir, Simona Levin, Isabella Levin and Ulla Runchel.Lisa Aybike Kir, Simona Levin, Isabella Levin and Ulla Runchel sightseeing Hollywood.Hollywood, CA, USA.Thursday, January 13, 2011.Photo By Selma Fonseca/ license this image please call (212) 410 5354; or Email: ; website:**EXCLUSIVE**Simona Levin's Mother, Isabella Levin, and Danish author, Ulla Runchel, came from their home Spain to visit her in Hollywood, CA, USA.Ulla Runchel, is a very gifted woman and healer. She has written 2 books titled "The Crystal Universe" and "Time Age of Light" and is part of a small intimate group of spiritual writers, that writes on Shirley McLaine's website.Isabella is amazing at doing her Tarot Cards.Simona and Lisa took her visitors sightseeing at famous Hollywood landmarks like the Man's Chinese Theater, The Hollywood Sign and the Kodak Theater, where ever year the most glamorous stars in the world walk the red carpet for the Oscar.After all the walking and fun the ladies were hungry so they decided to have lunch at the famous "Le Petit Four" restaurant on sunset plaza where they meet actor Jamie Foxx.