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**EXCLUSIVE**.Even after months of been broken up Paris Hilton can't get over Stavros Niachors, because as soon as she arrived at Mokai Night Club, she went ballistic on Stavros and demanded that Brooke, who is having an affair with him, be removed from his table, telling her bodyguard to kick her out from the table. As soon as Brooke left, Paris started to make out with Stavros and to dance at the exactly place where Brooke was sitting..At the end Paris and Stavros made up and confess to each other how they can't live separately and that all the other affairs they had was just to spite each other...Mokai Nightclub.Miami Beach, FL, USA.Thursday, December 06, 2007 .Photo By license this image please call (212) 410 5354; or.Email: ;.website: